Scott Crow

Scott Crow

Computer Science Professional

I am nearing the end of my B.S. in Computer Science at Florida State Universtiy and will graduate in May 2018. Coursework has included; Algorithm Analysis, Programming Languages, Operating Systems, Software Engineering, Theory and Structures of Database Design, Expert Systems, Programming fundamentals with C++, Internet Programming with Java, and Mobile Development with Android Studio.

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Work Experience


Crow Enterprises

Oct 2011 - May 2013 and Dec 2015 - Present

I own a small restoration and remodeling company specializing in fire and water damage.

Duty Summary:

  • Day to day operations including scheduling, bookkeeping and marketing
  • Electrical, audio/visual, plumbing, drywall, paint
  • Flooring to include tile, composite and hardwoods
  • Framing, concrete, roofing and siding

Nao Robot Handler

Florida State University

Jan 2017 - Aug 2017

I was tasked with programming and demonstrating the 2 Nao robots we have at FSU. We "teach" him to communicate, dance, sing and perform other activities. The main purpose of the Nao project is to spark the interest of grade school children, so we travel to schools and other local events to let Wally and Sammie show off.

Duty Summary:

  • Program 2 robot mascots to perform entertaining tasks such as dance, sing or play soccer
  • Demonstrate the Robot to groups of children and adults
  • Research new technologies from Nao and Softbank robotics
  • Responsiblity for maintaining Wally and Sammie(The two robots)

Engineering Assistant

General Dynamics

Aug 2013- Dec 2015

After completion of my internship at the end of the summer of 2014, my department head created a permenant position at the navy base so that I could complete the projects I had started.

Duty Summary:

  • Provide support to senior engineers, programmers and technicians
  • Resolved engineering problems by collecting and analyzing troubleshooting data
  • Designed a “Dry Boat” in a rack to be used as a testing environment for software and hardware
  • Verify specifications by conducting tests and inspections, and by building/analyzing models and simulations
  • Contribute information and data to team meetings and discussions

Engineering Intern

Naval Research Enterprise Intern Program (NREIP)

Summer 2014 and Summer of 2015

NREIP Internship providing assistance to engineers and programmers. My purpose was to help them with their day to day projects.

Duty Summary:

  • Provide support to senior engineers, programmers and technicians
  • Develop and test electrical and computer systems using various procedures
  • Attended weekly meetings and would stand in if my mentor was unavailable or out of town


Florida State University, 2018

Degree: Bachelor of Science
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Mathematics

Gulf Coast State College, 2016

Degree: Associate of Arts
Major: Engineering Track